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Paul Collins - King Of Power Pop
Paul Collins - King Of Power Pop

Track Listing
1. C'mon Let's Go!
2. Do You Wanna Love Me?
3. Doin' It For The Ladies
4. Hurting's On My Side
5. Don't Blame Your Troubles On Me
6. Many Roads To Follow
7. Losing Your Cool
8. Off The Hook
9. The Letter
10. Kings Of Power Pop
11. I Go Black
12. This Is America
13. You Tore Me Down

“Collins bangs-and-crashes his way through thirteen high-octane slabs of outright power pop majesty, a baker's dozen, if you will, of sugar-coated sonic delights. Leave it to the commoners of the blogosphere to endlessly debate Paul Collins' status in the power pop firmament; as for this humble rockcrit, given the uniquely high quality of tuneage on King of Power Pop!, with nary a duff track among the thirteen, I say give him the crown. He's earned it with better than three decades of uncompromising loyalty to the power pop aesthetic.” - REV. KEITH A. GORDON / BLURT MAGAZINE

“Produced and engineered in Detroit by master knobtwister Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs, White Stripes), these thirteen rapid-fire pop concoctions barely allow the listener to catch a breath before Collins is off and running again. King Of Power Pop! will do the trick, whether you’re cleaning the garage, driving the neighborhood kids to soccer or shaking yer moneymaker in hopes of wooing a new mate. Let’s see you shake this one.” – MY OLD KENTUCKY BLOG

"Collins doesn't fornicate around here - he just whips out nugget after nugget of catchy, melodic, chiming guitar pop with two guitars, bass and drums. The assertion in the album title may seem over the top, but after spinning King of Power Pop a few times, you'll find it difficult to disagree." – MICHAEL TOLAND / THE BIG TAKEOVER

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“Paul Collins was one of the pioneers of the power-pop genre, playing with bands such as Nerves, the Breakaways and the Beat. Now, he returns to his roots with the release of the aptly titled King Of Power Pop! on August 24 via Alive Records. “Do You Wanna Love Me?” basically defines power pop, with revved-up beats and garage-rock vocals complete with a harmonica.” - MAGNET MAGAZINE

"His new album is called The King of Power Pop and it takes guts to go with that title, but Collins has the chops to back it up." - WASHINGTON POST

“Being in charge of rock at a radio station, it is easy for my enthusiasm to get tainted, jaded, strained - CDs start to sound the same. But this disc shatters all that with its fresh, fun, cool, tingly, and exciting current. The title track is especially heart-breaking and -warming and sums up a lot for me as an artist but as also an observer of the cruel paradox of power pop obscurity. These songs are rippingly exciting, punky and professional, fatless, and accomplished in the best and most youthful-feeling way. This disc has wings. Paul Collins, thanks for all you have done. Always remember that your music matters. Your energy infuses and brightens the world even if it can't be measured in the GNP or column-inches in the New York Times Arts section.
Last time I listened to this record, I put it on in my car and sang along to every song. At the end of the album, I realized I was still in my driveway. It's like that.”

“Collins has cut a handful of fine records since the breakup of The Beat, but King of Power Pop! is the first one in ages that captures the tough, upbeat sound of his most memorable work, and it proves the man hasn't lost his touch for writing tight, hooky tunes with killer hooks and energetic guitar figures. Collins' voice is a little rougher than it was in his salad days, but he makes that work to his favor, giving the songs a touch of defiant swagger even when he's sounding sweet and heartbroken, and when he and his lead guitarist Eric Blakely lock in, this sounds like the perfect follow-up to the Beat's classic albums for Columbia, bursting with tuneful vigor and rock & roll passion (and arriving a mere quarter-century after the fact). Paul Collins might not be the King of Power Pop, but if there was an elected President of Power Pop, an album this good would certainly sweep him into office; it's fun, raucous, thoroughly enjoyable rock & roll from one of pop's greatest unsung heroes.” - MARK DEMING / ALL MUSIC GUIDE

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