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It's out!


Sunday Memorial Day Music Festival! I’m on at 1:25 PM California, 2:25 Chicago, 3:25 NYC and 9:25 Europe!

The Safe at Home shows have been a real success!  Thanks to all the friends and fans who have tuned in, left comments and made contributions.  It has really kept me going during these very difficult times.  Here's last weeks show. I'm going to take a break and see what's up!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all safe at home! Please try and join me on my Safe at Home Live shows Sundays on my Facebook and Instagram pages. We will get through this!

Last Sunday’s Show

Remembering SXSW, The Nerves March 16, 2020-

Holiday Cheer!

First Show 2020! January 17th

Slash Run Washington DC


March 2020 West Coast Solo Tour!

Hitting the road again!  My good pal Tony Leventhal from The Mockers and are going to cruise the west coast! Please come and hear me play all your favorite songs and tell the stories that go along with them.

New show just added!  March 15 Garden Amp (locker room) Garden Grove

San Diego @Tower Bar 3/12, Long Beach @Alex's Bar 3/13, Los Angeles @Highland Park Bowl 3/14, Garden Grove @Garden Amp (locker room)3/15, Fresno @Fulton 55 3/18, San Francisco @Makeout Room 3/20, Sacramento @Cafe Colonial 3/21, Chico @Barts Place House Concert 3/23, Eureka @Sirens Song 3/25, Portland @Fixin To 3/27, Seattle @Lucky Liquor 3/28

Saying Goodbye to my dear friend Eddie Money, may you rest in peace..

These were happy times! I was walking down the street here in New York but who do I see? It’s my old pal Eddie Money! He see’s me and says “Paulie how the fuck are you?” He was the only person to call me that way and I loved it! Here we are standing in front of Irving Plaza some time in 2010.

Paul Collins Beat is on Bandcamp!

More music coming soon!

Our show with The Beach Boys was a blast!

Next Up! June 14th BBK Music Legends Fest supporting The Beach Boys!

June 15 Madrid Fun House

June 16 Barcelona Rock Sound

June 22 Alicante

Out Of My Head Euro Tour 2019!!!

January 9, 2019
For Immediate Release:
The Paul Collins Beat is proud to present the Out Of My Head European Tour February 7-March 2, 2019.
In celebration of the Alive Natural Sounds Records release of the newest Paul Collins record “Out Of My Head”
Released worldwide September 28.

Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary band The Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 with the release of his album The Beat on Columbia Records under the management of the legendary Bill Graham, and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, The Beat or Paul Collins’ Beat.

The record is receiving rave reviews from around the globe and many site this as one of Paul’s finest records, on par with his best work in The Nerves and The Beat.

The icing on the cake is that now, after some thirty five years, original drummer of The Beat, Michael Ruiz is back in the band!
The new lineup also features Paul Stingo, musical partner with Paul on Out Of My Head.
Please go to the following links for more information:

Press & Videos:

Tour dates:

Press contact:

General info:

This tour will be done completely by train, a new model for the new millennium of touring! Arrive alive and on time!

We want to thank all of the Fans, bands, clubs and agents that have helped make this tour possible!

Feb 7 Stockholm Melodybox

Feb 8 Malmo Folk å Rock

Feb 9 Hamburg  Nochtwache

Feb 11 Mannheim  Altes Volksbad

Feb 13 Frankfurt Dreikönigskeller

Feb 14 Berlin Cortina Bob

Feb 15 Essen Freak Show

Feb 16 Kortrijk  Den Trapp

Feb 17 Utrecht dB’s

Feb 18 Brussels CHAFF

Feb 19 Nantes La Scène Michelet

Feb 20 Orleans Blue Devils

Feb 21 Clermont-Ferrand Bombshell

Feb 22 Saint-Etienne Le Clapier

Feb 23 Montpellier Secret Place

Feb 24 Toulouse Le Ravelin

Feb 26 Alicante Sala Stereo

Feb 27 Valencia Loco Club

Feb 28 Madrid Fun House

Mar 1 North Spain TBA

Mar 2 Segovia Teatro Juan Bravo

Out of My Head Euro Tour! February-March 2019!

Feb 7 Stockholm Melodybox

Feb 8 Malmo Folk å Rock

Feb 9 Hamburg Nochtwache

Feb 12 Mannheim Altes Volksbad

Feb 14 Berlin Cortina Bob

Feb 15 Essen Freak Show

Feb 16 Kortrijk Den Trapp

Feb 17 Utrecht dB’s

Feb 18 Brussels CHAFF

Feb 19 Nantes La Scene

Feb 20 Orleans Blue Devils

Feb 21 Clermont-Ferrand Bombshell

Feb 22 Saint-Etienne Le Clapier

Feb 23 Montpellier Secret Place

Feb 24 Toulouse Le Ravelin

Feb 25 Alicante Sala Stereo

Feb 27 Valencia Loco Club

Feb 28 Madrid Fun House

Mar 1 North Spain TBA

Mar 2 Segovia Teatro Juan Bravo

Just in from Tracks Magazin Switzerland!

On his now eighth solo album (including two live albums), Paul Collins shuts down a gear compared to his predecessor "Feel The Noise" (2014). The former frontman of the legendary power-pop band The Beat (not to be confused with the English The Beat) focuses on "Out Of My Head" more pop on his power pop. Collins is finally over sixty years old. And musically, the eleven songs are more open as well. The prelude "In And Out Of My Head" is charming sixties pop with a pinch of Lee Hazlewood. "Emily" is a gentle folk pop song, not too far from the Everly Brothers. The eighth issue, "Killer Inside," is a sort of Murder ballad (think Nick Cave without Kylie Minogue) stating that every murderous thought carries within itself. "Out Of My Head" contains an extraordinary amount of ballads. The finale is the three cautious songs "Lost Again", "Tick Tock" and "Beautiful Eyes". One thing has not changed on "Out Of My Head". Collins still easily shakes irresistible tunes out of his sleeve.

Ruta 66 Spain’s leading rock magazine turns in a glowing review of Out Of My Head!

Nice Preview for our last show of the year @Cafe Nine New Haven December 28th!

Show preview in Hartford Courant By John Adamian for Cafe Nine Show New Haven December 28th 2019

Paul Collins was a member of the seriously under-appreciated but at the same time legendary L.A. power pop band the Nerves. That trio is known largely for recording “Hanging on the Telephone,” which Blondie went on to make into a jittery radio hit. The Nerves had a combustive mix of punk and garage-rock energy, but they approached the music with a minimalist punch, stripping away excess with maximized compression.

The Nerves and Collins were never afraid to signal their connection to older pop. Collins has been releasing solo records and fronting his own bands for nearly 40 years. Listen to Collins’ 2014 recording of the Four Tops’ “Reach Out (I’ll Be There).” For people who consider rock 'n' roll to be the closest thing they have to a religion, Paul Collins is high church, offering sonic transcendence and grace. Fans of Big Star, R.E.M., the Replacements and a whole slew of other jangle-rock bands from the past 45 years or so, should perk up and go catch this master of the genre.

Just in from OX Fanzine, Germany!

With impressive routine, Powerpop veteran Paul Collins regularly releases new discs that all sound as fresh and fresh as if Collins had just completed his collaboration with NERVES. "Out Of My Head" is his eighth solo album, the third one for Alive, and it comes with all the ingredients needed for a clever Powerpop album, like jaunty Rickenbacker guitars, BEATLES harmonies, songs written in 1966, 1979 or 1986 timeless work well. An album that is on par with any of Collins' best moments with BEAT or NERVES, and effortlessly counts as one of his best. However, Collins always get the biggest songs when he could work with a songwriting partner. This is bassist Paul Stingo, with whom Collins recorded the album in duo-cast (Collins plays all guitars and drums) in Tony Leventhal's Brooklyner TV studio. Even the moody-chubby title track and opener of the album is great fun, further highlights follow in rapid succession. "Emily", a cuddly ballad, was written by Stingo, and also "You belong to me" should be emphasized, a collaboration with BEAT buddy Steve Huff. Eleven gorgeous, technically rock-solid numbers in just over half an hour, "Out Of My Head" is a treat for connoisseurs and also a good first step for newcomers to Powerpop.

By Gereon Helmer

It’s Official! Michael Ruiz original drummer for The Beat is back in the band! Mike I am so excited to be working with you again! Come out and hear how good we sound back together again!

Today is L’Asace!

Paul Collins, pop in stock

Abandoning the flamboyant banner of The Beat, his legendary band, Paul Collins releases a new solo album worthy of his status as King of Power Pop. Warning: contagious melodies!

Today 05:00 by Thierry Boillot , updated at 07:45 Seen 210 times

Paul Collins: pop power, simply.  DR

Paul Collins: pop power, simply. DR1/2

Paul Collins: pop power, simply.  DR 

The archetype of the cult artist is Paul Collins. Despite misunderstandings and other missed appointments, his career is no less impeccable, lined with essential songs that have made Collins the King Of Power Pop. The ruler of a musical rock style popular with rare connoisseurs, where we will recognize the undeniable influence of the Beatles. At 18, Paul Collins is drummer for The Nerves alongside Peter Case on bass (future Plimsouls) and guitarist Jack Lee. The trio will not record any album but will be known in 1978 via the cover of Hanging On The Telephone that Blondie transforms into a planetary tube. Now, The Nerves does not exist anymore. Paul Collins, he forms the very ephemeral Breakaways and The Beat (as a shortcut Beatles), the group that will define the basics of power pop in two albums released at CBS: the eponymous The Beat (1979) and The Kids Are The Same (1982). The recipe is simple: tonic rock, short songs, melodic choruses, choruses and slamming guitars, and texts that speak more about pretty girls than more serious things.

Beat Army

Not to be confused with the English ska group of the same name, The Beat becomes Paul Collins' Beat. Small masterpieces are linked together like the mini LP To Beat Or Not To Beat. Then Paul Collins finds the success in Spain where he settles after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He spends a time by a more Americana style before coming back in force to the power pop, supported by a squad of historical fans forming The Beat Army. It's almost alone that Paul Collins recorded his latest album, Out Of My Hand. All sounds very Beatles before Sergeant Pepper, like a melodic bouquet that never fade. Ideal to understand that nostalgia is not a shameful disease before plunging into the petulant discography of Paul Collins' Beat. Just timeless.



Killer Inside

The Fantastic reviews of Out of My Head keep coming in!

Picked up around the globe from AP!

Associated Press:

Here is the latest from Norway!

When Paul Collins, known from The Nerves and The Paul Collins Beat, releases new material, it is a duty of listening. Because hardly anyone in world history makes better powerpop than him. And of course he does not disappoint. "Out Of My Head" is packed with elegant hooks, catchy tunes, touch corn and shattering guitars. The Collins guitar pop picks up a lot of inspiration from the 60's and then perhaps the first Beatles' first recordings. If you like artists such as Marshall Crenshaw, The Rubinoos, The Knack and Dwight Twilley, this album is for you. Right now, I hear the most of "In And Out Of My Head", "Midnight Special" and "Just To Bad You're Leaving", but all the songs spread joy and sunshine.

We are so proud to get this review in All About Jazz!


October 9, 2018        

There may not be anyone on the planet more loyal to rock and roll than Paul Collins. From his days in the Nerves (with Americana master Peter Case) to fronting his namesake band the Beat, this icon of so-called power pop has always evinced an abiding faith in his own music (even in solo digressions from his niche).

On his latest expression of commitment, this songwriter and musician conjures a world unto himself. "In And Out of My Head" features a charmingly ramshackle rhythm section supporting a swirl of acoustic and electric guitars, all of which is surrounded with harmony vocals for maximum dramatic effect. As on "Go," it's as if the the mid-to-late Sixties heyday of The Beatles was just yesterday, but Collins and company display no apparent self-consciousness about the passage of time. Rather, the performance radiates an abandon that may very well be based on the skeletal foundation pictured in fluorescent hues on the back cover of the CD: Collins (on guitars, drums and vocals) plus Paul Stingo (bass and vocals).

This stripped-down approach no doubt also accounts for the brevity of that track—it's less than two minutes in duration—and similar restraint earmarks a number of other cuts. Nothing extraneous crops up over the course of "Kind of Girl," "Just Too Bad You're Leaving," "Emily" and "Beautiful Eyes" or any of the eleven tracks, the engineering of which by the harmony vocalist here, Tony Leventhal, is yet another sign of pragmatism (not to mention Paul Collins' abiding independence).

Rachel Alina's mix not only reveals how the small touches of hand-claps and counterpoint singing mesh with the backing tracks, but the density of sound compels hiking up the volume when playing this record. While there may not be any real innovation on Out of My Head, "You Belong to Me," to name just one cut, conjures up a timeless joy: it's the sound of a middle-aged man (a bespectacled photo of whom appears on this front cover) on a long-term quest to stay in touch with his inner teenager.

But Paul Collins effectively utilizes his powers of reflection for a song like "Tick Tock." Balancing the edgy pep elsewhere, a vulnerable grace also echoes through "Lost Again," where Jason Perrillo slowly unfurls organ lines that maintain the measured pace of the performance. Whether or not such near-subliminal nuance helps propels this latest project of Paul Collins' into the mainstream, Out of My Head stands as a welcome addition to the man's ongoing devotion to his muse.

Personnel: Paul Collins: vocals, guitars, drums; Paul Stingo: bass guitar, background vocals, tambourine; Jason Perrillo: lead guitar, keyboards, background vocals; Tony Leventhal: background vocals.



Killer Inside

The latest reviews for Out of My Head are just fantastic!

Associated Press:

Paul Collins, “Out of My Head” (Alive Naturalsound Records)

New York-born Paul Collins has been carrying the torch of power pop for decades in bands like The Nerves and The Beat as well as a lengthy solo career. In just 33 minutes, “Out of My Head” completes an 11-stop journey that’s loaded with melodies and hooks that make it one of the most enchanting records in his catalog.

Collins sings, plays guitars and drums and is assisted mainly by bassist Paul Stingo, who also adds delightful supporting vocals.

The jagged guitar solo on “In and Out of My Head,” the opening track, mirrors the confusion of someone who is trapped in feelings from a past still haunting the present. Blink and you’ll miss “Go,” 95 seconds of energetic drums and strums backing a typically adolescent lyric that any heartbroken adult could sing, too.

In a curious case of coincidence, or something else, there are three songs in row each lasting 2:23 — the “Kind of Girl” could play as Charlie Brown makes another failed attempt to approach the Little Red-Haired Girl; “Just Too Bad You’re Leaving” has a perfectly melancholy melody; and “Emily” applies gentle Hollies-like harmonies to a theme of uncertainty and ambiguity.

“You Belong to Me” describes an obsession with possession, and the noir-ish, bass-driven “Killer Inside” disturbingly suggests we’re all walking around with one within us.

There’s a more reflective approach on the last three songs, a sudden power cut that may have been more effective had “Lost Again,” ″Tick Tock” and “Beautiful Eyes” been interspersed among the faster ones.

“Out of My Head” could have been recorded anytime over the past 50 years and it’s a blast that Collins is still making albums like it today.

Spill Magazine: 4.5 Stars

From the opening power chord, to the last perfect harmony, this album was an extreme listening pleasure. It is brilliant and a welcome return of Paul Collins. It has been four years since we have heard anything from Collins, and that album was credited to The Paul Collins Beat (Feel The Noise). For Out Of My Head, he is known simply as Paul Collins and it is clearly his album. He plays drums, guitars, and of course, sings. He is joined by Paul Stingo on bass and backing vocals and together they form the perfect sound.

Of course Collins is best known as the pioneer and godfather of power pop, and on Out Of My Head, he firmly establishes this position and more. He is really untouchable when it comes to this genre of pop. He knows when to bring in the backing vocals, the harmonies, and everything else. The man is a master at arranging. He creates a sound that is familiar and brand new. He also creates music that has you craving more.

There is not a weak track on this album, and the man knows how to write a melody that evokes a great deal of emotion. Take a listen to “Lost Again”, the melody and the lyrics come together to fit the perfect power pop ballad, and if it does not choke you up, well I don’t know what will.

Collins is a master songwriter. Since his debut with his band The Beat in 1979 (no, not The English Beat) he has perfected his skill in writing, and there are a number of bands and artists who would not be here were it not for Mr. Collins. He developed this style, which so many artists have attempted, and here on Out Of My Head the master shows how it is done.

Collins has crafted a near perfect album. It is full of incredible melodies, perfect arrangements and great short snippets of life. The album ends with the incredible “Beautiful Eyes”, a song that encapsulates the album, on one hand it sounds intensely personal, but rather than being uncomfortable with the sentiment, the listener identifies and the song becomes something for everyone and one for the ages. This is not an easy thing to do for an artist. But this speaks to the genius that is Paul Collins.

AltCountryForum: NL

Translation:“What is good does not have to be complicated. The recipe of "Out Of My Head", the new album by singer and songwriter Paul Collins, is therefore a tried and true simple and simple: a singer with a raw throat, whining guitar parts, a driven drummer, rhythmic clapping, and especially always strong melodies. Paul Collins is still the uncrowned king of the powerpop. Just like his work in the seventies with The Nerves, The Breakaways, The Beat and the records under his own name, the fresh feat is cut for lovers of old-fashioned artisan guitar pop.

Desire for the past seeps through every second of "Out Of My Head with a cover design by the iconic rock photographer Bob Gruen (John Lennon, The Ramones, The Clash, Patti Smith), which has been designed to the taste of the sixties. Only 1 minute of the opening song In and Out Of My Head is enough to get you out of the cup for the rest of the day.

In a little over a quarter of an hour, Paul runs through seven short, sharp and brilliant three chords of pop songs, which largely keep up the speed. But even if he then gets a little slower with more subdued and slightly wistful Hollies and Everly Brothers like songs, which take a little longer, there is no escape. You are effortlessly carried away with an album, where hopping and singing and / or humming is inevitable. I like to give myself to a game of youth.”


THE MANCHESTER TIMES (Manchester, England Daily)



DAILY HERALD (Chicagoland Daily)

As far away as Sydney, Australia!

I94 Bar


The Pulse Chattanooga

Power Pop News!

Air Play! There is a lot of cool songs out there and we are happy to be in their good company, you can listen here:

WFMU Joe Belock’s show Three Chord Monte!

Thanks for the double shot of love KALX Berkeley!

All the way from Grenoble, France!

Thanks Zero Hour!

Thanks WFMU!

Thanks KZFR Chico CA!

Rich Russo's Anything Anything!

Plastico Elastico from Madrid, Spain

Power Pop Legend Paul Collins Returns With 'In And Out Of My Head':

Billboard Premiere!

Even in his early sixties, Paul Collins is happy to try some new tricks -- and revisit some old ones. The power pop veteran's new album Out Of My Head -- whose opening track "In And Out Of My Head" premieres below -- is full of adventures. It was recorded as the "guinea pig" for a friend's new studio in Brooklyn. It features Collins playing all the drums, as well as guitar, for the first time since his days in the Nerves during the mid-70s. And it finds Collins newly opened to including others' songs -- in this case bassist Paul Stingo, a friend who worked with Collins on Out Of My Head and, in fact, wrote "In And Out Of My Head."

"I've always got my antenna up to find people I have sympatico with, musically, and I knew in the first 30 seconds that (Stingo) gets it," Collins tells Billboard. "I said, 'OK, let's try to work together,' and that's a very delicate thing. It either works or it doesn't work. I'm very picky." Collins soon found that Stingo was not only on his wavelength as a player and co-writer but also had songs of his own Collins felt he would enjoy recording.

"He showed me ('In And Out Of My Head') and I said 'That's cool man, that's really cool. Let's check that out,'" Collins recalls. "His chord structures and melodic structures are slightly different than me. The song spoke for itself." And letting it kick off the album was another new stretch for Collins.

"I took me a second, and I said, 'Come on, man, get over it,'" Collins says. "This is something I learned from (Nerves bandmate) Jack Lee; He was the master of, 'I don't care who wrote it. If it's good it's good and you get behind it.' He was like that with my stuff, and that's a very good place to be. So after a minute of thinking I said, 'Come on, this is a great song' and put it first."

Despite these bits of new world order, however, Collins found making Out Of My Head, which comes out Sept. 28, not all that different from the rest of his catalog, all the way through to (still) fronting the Paul Collins Beat (aka The Beat). "The challenge is always the same," notes Collins, who's hoping to play some North American shows this fall and visit Europe during early 2019. "The objective is to get enough good songs together to make a record. Part of me wants to have 12 balls-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll (songs) because I'm a rock 'n' roller, but that morphs into, 'Look, I want 12 good songs.' I don't care if they're all ballads or all country songs, as long as I can say in my heart, 'This is a good song.' I think we've got a record that's very special."

Listen here:

Pic by Marc Liebowitz.

Pic Bob Gruen

July 22 Tom’s Clarks  Treehouse NYC

More shows coming!

New LP, Out Of My Head due out in September on Alive Records!


Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, or Paul Collins’ Beat.

“Out of My Head”, his new record, is a return to the pure, unadulterated sound he helped create in his youth. On this new album Paul not only sings, but plays all the drums and most of the guitars as well.

With the collaboration of Paul Stingo on bass and harmonies, he delivers a true rock n roll record of the kind that are not being made in today’s world : simple melodies with classic songwriting structure, Rickenbacker guitars drenched in juicy reverb, straight up 60’s pop harmonies, and groovy drums, all recorded reel to reel, by real players. With a photo cover shot by legendary NY photographer Bob Gruen, “Out of My Head” is a testament to one man’s undying love for rock n roll.

Come and hear the new line up in New York City!

June 29 Coney Island Baby

July 12 Wayward Social Club Brooklyn

July 22 Tom’s Clarks  Treehouse NYC

More shows coming!

Lots of fun news!

Just in from New York Music Daily by Delaru!

On the World Wide Web, check out this cool article by Ed Turner!

Back in the day department! Here is a peek at The Beat performing Don’t Wait Up all over the streets of San Francisco. Produced, directed and edited by Kim Dempster!

May 19th Paul Collins Beat play Randy’s Man Cave at The Record Collector! Bordentown NJ 7:30!

Extra Extra! Paul Collins Beat perform with Split Squad @ Bowery Electric June 7th!


Paul Collins Beat finally play Hanks Saloon! Just in the nick of time, June 9th!

Check out Power Pop Paul’s Spotify playlist! My all time fave Power Pop hits!

Live shows coming up!!!

May 9th Rockwood Music Hall! Stage One, Wednesday night at 6pm sharp!

More concerts coming soon!

Photo shoot today with the mighty Bob Gruen for the new record!

Please Kill Me Features Paul in their latest issue!

Up Next!

A blast from the past!

Click and enjoy!

Billie Joe from Greenday sings Walking Out On Love...again! On New Years Eve in New York City at Berlin...Happy New Year everybody!

Upcoming Shows!



Special Holiday Sale!


Long time Gone plus One Night LP's

2 records for $30 plus a copy of Paul Collins Live!


Personally signed to you for the holidays!

Postage is included! USA only!


Happy Holidays!

Hot off the presses!

Ok People! It’s now available in full living stereo, Live broadcast from Harlow, England, mastered by Justin Perkins (The New Bash & Pop Record among many others!) US orders Paypal $20 including postage to, Overseas fans pay pal $25. Keep on rocking! 



                                                        READ ALL ABOUT IT!


                     Sacramento Poster.jpg                

“It was 1974 and I was living in the back of a yellow school bus in Atherton, California. Every day when I woke up I had only one idea in my head, all I wanted to do was write a good song. I would bang away on my old beat up Harmony guitar with rusty strings on it. This was the first song I ever wrote….You Won’t Be Happy…” And so begins the musical journey through the forty plus year career of Paul Collins. Hear all of his most well-known songs and the stories behind the music. Paul also includes gems by his songwriting mentors, Jack Lee and Peter Case, with whom he formed the now legendary and pioneering band The Nerves. Let Paul take you through a musical time machine as he plays the songs that The Nerves and The Beat have made famous over the years. From now until then it’s a walk through rock n roll history you will be happy not to miss…


10/19 Sacramento The Press Club

10/20 Chico House Concert

10/21 San Francisco Thee Parkside

10/22 Live on the Air @ the legendary KPIG Radio Studio! 10:30 AM!

10/23 Santa Cruz Flynn’s Cabaret (Formerly Don Quixote’s)

10/24 San Luis Obispo Boo Boo’s Records

10/27 San Diego Till Two Club

10/28 Los Angeles The Redwood Bar & Grill

10/ 29 Santa Ana Diego’s w/J.P. McDermott

As always we are proud to be supported by Pollstar, the leading concert industries magazine! They support DIY musicians!

After a world wind tour of Europe performing 31 shows in 31 cities in 8 different countries all by train and bus Paul has decided to continue touring in this fashion, the California tour will use Amtrak and Greyhound as its transportation service!


The Lyres and Paul Collins to head up Boston’s Starlab Fest VIII!

boston show.jpg

Back from the blistering European Solo Tour! It was thrilling and a big thanks to all the fans who came out! It was one of the best tours ever and so exciting to do most all of it by train! I want to thank all the wonderful people I met along the way who helped on my journey! Here are a few pics from my trip!


Taking the train from Rouen to Paris!


Rocking out totally acoustic at Pet Sounds Records in Stockholm


Power Poppin Kitty Kat in Paris!

The last show was a double header in Trouville-Sur-Mer in Normandy, France!

On a boat and then on stage!


All in all it was a blast with lots of great food and great wine!


Pollstar continues to support DIY artist Paul Collins!

Paul Collins Takes Center Stage

01:01 PM Friday 4/14/170 |  |

Paul Collins, of The Nerves, The Breakaways, and The Paul Collins Beat, is packing his guitar and doing a solo acoustic tour through Europe in the coming months.


Vive Le Rock showcases Always Got You On My Mind to celebrate Re-Issue April 28th!


Next up Water Front Cafe with The Rockinghams! April 22 Glen Cove, LI

new poster april 22.png

Ticket Link: 

Extra Extra! Paul Collins to perform with The Beach Boys @ Fuengirola Power Pop Weekend! The Lone Ranger of Rock strikes again!


New Tour Poster!

                                        The Lone Ranger of Rock!


Design by Conor Lumsden/Pic by Joy Whalen

Saturday’s Show at Voltage Lounge was awesome!


Protex, Posers & Paul Collins

Promotion in Motion! Out man Tony from Pavement PR is burning it up with the new reissue on Lolipop!

Listen! Live at Monty Hall 7/22/2016

A live performance at Monty Hall! If you want to watch the show on video, please click here:

Hot off the presses!

All Over The World premiers on Blurt!

Lolipop gears up for release of Long Time Gone/To Beat Or Not To Beat!

Paul embarks on massive European Solo Tour to celebrate!

Read all about it here:


Upcoming Shows!

Tuesday March 14!


Come out to this fabulous Upper East Side groovy bar with great food & drinks! Always free and always fun! Ethyl’s 1629 2nd Ave NYC

March 16 Firehouse 13 Providence


Come out to Queens!


March 11, 2017 Voltage Lounge, 421 N. 7th Philadelphia!

Protex Philly.jpg

From the International Desk! Paul Collins Solo Acoustic Euro Tour May 2017!

TOUR POSTER 2017.png

For Immediate Release:                                             

A man, his songs and his guitar! That is exactly what you will get when Paul Collins rolls into town! Spanning a career of four decades Paul will play the songs that made him famous with The Nerves, The Breakaways and The Beat. Forty years of pure unadulterated rock n roll!

You will hear up front and personal, what makes these songs so special the words and the melodies. Don’t miss this chance to see one of America’s genuine rock n roll articles. This is a concert for all the rockers who are young at heart!

Dates to follow shortly!

Once again Paul strikes out on his own and books this tour DIY with help of his many friends in the industry and fans across the globe.

Paul will be supporting two brand new re-issues

One Night on Frodis Records

The double EP To Beat or Not To Beat/Longtime Gone on Lolipop Records.


One-Night_small.jpgLOLIPOP MOCK UP.jpg


Monty Hall Performance July 22, 2016


Pitchfork top 200 songs of the 70’s includes The Nerves “Hanging On The Telephone” #161



Complete up and coming tour dates courtesy of Alive Records!

Radio Spot on CIUT in Toronto!

Thanks to Cleveland Scene for supporting our tour!

Check out this great review of what we are doing these days on Pancakes & Whiskey!

Next Stop Canada!

Read all about it here!

Canada Poster 1.png

As always our tours are supported by Pollstar!


Fantastic Weekend with Split Squad in Harrisburg & Baltimore!

Here is a pic by Michelle Shinn of everyone singing A Million Miles Away @ Wind Up Space Baltimore!

The Stents and Idle Gossip with PCB and Split Squad

michelle shinn.jpg

Feb 10 New York City Berlin’s w/Bodega Bay & No Ice

Feb 5 Philly Ortlieb’s w/Sheer Mag, Metalleg & The Whips!

When You Find Out @ Soundcheck!

Fantastic Weekend!

Sold Out Show with Lyres in Boston! Read all about it in Boston Groupie News!

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Just in Blake Maddux preview for the Middle East show!

Ring in the new year with The Paul Collins Beat! The new band is blazing trails all over the place! Meet Joi, Ryan and Vincent the new line up for the Paul Collins Beat!



These pics are from our very successful 3 day Canadian tour!

Come and meet the new band at any of our upcoming shows!

Jan 29 Dusk, Providence RI w/The Itchies, Pyramid & Hot Tramps

Jan 30 Middle East, Boston Mass. w/ The Lyres & ModifierS

Jan 31 Museum of Interesting Things, NYC Unplugged! Early Show 4 PM!

Jan 31 Union Pool, BKLYN w/The Jay Vons & Talsness Evening Show

Feb 5 Ortlieb’s, Philly PA w/Sheer Mag, Metaleg & The Whips!

Feb 11 Berlin, NYC w/ Bodega Bay, No Ice & Jackyl Onassis

Feb 12 HMAC, Harrisburg PA with Spit Squad

Feb 13 The Wind Up, Baltimore MD w/Split Squad & The Stents

March 12 Club 77, San Juan PR!

Nov 7 Cake Shop NYC w/Mean Jeans from Portland/Nancy...10:30 PM set!

Nov 14 Palomino Calgary! We are flying in for this one folks!


Dec 4th Record Fair/Happy Hour Mini Fest @ Don Pedros in Bushwick!

Get ready folks! We are gonna do it again as we have done it all over the world! We are gonna have a record fair/happy hour to start our mini fest with Human Head Records at Don Pedros Dec 4th, 2015! These event are a lot of fun, vintage vinyl cool drinks DJ's and Rock N Roll!

It was a blast!

 don pedro.jpghuman heads.jpg

12193287_10153046565526856_5263823606835403078_n.jpg           canada.jpg

Jan 7 Toronto Old Laurel

Jan 8 Ottawa House of TARG*

Jan 9 Montreal Brasserie Beaubien*

*w/Mothers Children, Pale Lips & Jonesy


Listen to the New Paul Collins Beat here!

Live on Three Chord Monte!

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New Shows East Coast 2015!

Just Added!

Cake Shop Saturday Oct 17 8:30 PM

Crossroads Garwood , NJ Oct. 9th 8PM Show with Michale Graves of Misfits!

WFMU Performance Oct. 19th Noon to 3 PM!

Oct. 23 The Acheron Midnight after party for the Terry & Louie show at The Palisades Bushwick!

Just Added! Brighton Bar Long Branch, NJ w/Soriai

Just Added!

Berlin(Jesse Malin’s new joint!) 25 Ave A, NYC w/Karla Rose 8 PM

Nov. 7 Cake Shop NYC with the fabulous Mean Jeans from Portland! 10 PM show!

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Just in! Rock & Folk feature in the latest issue!

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Europe was great, thanks to all the fans who came out, now it’s time to rock the USA again!

Announcing Paul Collins Beat West Coast Summer Tour Dates!

Cochran Club.png   safe_image.jpg       portland dantes.jpg                   unnamed (1).jpg

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IN STORES~! We love to play record stores!

London Flashback Records 6 pm   Amsterdam Concerto Record Store 4:30 pm

   amsterdam in store.jpg   flashback.jpg                                                                                           

Stay tuned for more!

Extra Extra read all about it!

For Immediate Release PAUL COLLINS BEAT EURO TOUR 2015

Paul Collins has been making hits for 40 years…from The Nerves to The Beat to The Paul Collins Beat year after year of quality rock n roll that has stood the test of time.

In the true spirit of the DIY ethic, anything is possible. Mr. Paul Collins has taken his brand of DIY Touring to extraordinary lengths, tours of Australia, Japan and even China, all done in the DIY, Grassroots style of the 21st Century. Emails, Facebook and Skype are the major components of how Mr. Collins, AKA The King of Power Pop arranges tours all over the globe. These tours are humble affairs revolving around ordinary clubs and venues and almost exclusively with young up and coming bands. The “Feel The Noise Euro 2015 Tour” planned for April/May is no exception. Back in 2014 the young and ferocious band The #1’s played a show with Mr. Collins at one of New York City’s premier DIY rooms, The Cake Shop. It was the band’s first New York performance and Mr. Collins was quick to see that they were like many of the new bands he has been touring with, in the groove of what is happening in today’s new rock n roll scene all over the world. Beers were shared, contacts were exchanged and in short order Mr. Lumsden, of The #1’s and Mr. Collins were making plans trans continentally to arrange for a tour. Mr. Collins was especially excited at the opportunity to tour Ireland as his father’s side of the family is from County Cork and he has never had the good fortune to set foot in Ireland and also to play in Glasgow a city he has always heard is a great place for live music. The tour will then take the boys to England to play more cities Mr. Collins has always dreamed of playing, mythical cities for any rocker who has been around the block more than a few times! The first leg of the tour ends up in London Town with the good folks from Dirty Water and then it’s off to Amsterdam and a month of shows all over Europe, ending up in sunny Spain on May 10th.

Mr. Collins’s forte is touring at ground level with as bare bones an operation as possible; these are shows for the everyday rock fan not big ticket shows that break people’s pocket. Mr. Collins knows who he is and what he can do, play balls to the walls power pop music to a crowd not more than ten feet away, this, in his opinion is where the real rock lives, always has and thank god, always will. As Mr. Collins likes to say…“There are a lot of worlds out there but the one that exists in these small clubs all over the globe is exciting and fun it’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

In what has become a tradition with The Paul Collins Beat, Paul will be joined by three young talented musicians from Dublin who represent the new guard of musician’s around the globe that have picked up the torch to carry on what Mr. Collins and his contemporaries started many years ago in the last century…if you dig vibrant rock n roll played with passion and honesty then make a point of coming out to one of these shows, you will not be disappointed…

The band:

Conor Lumsden – Guitar & Vocals

Shane Masterson – Drums & Vocals

Luke Healy – Bass & Vocals

For press, bio contact info:

For info on the dates on the Continent contact Jean Luc @ Jostone Traffic Agency, France

Tél +33 (0)2 38 56 28 76

Fax +33(0)2 38 66 63 08



Going to SXSW! 2 fab shows lined up!


Come out and see The Lifeforms my fab new back up band perform Wienermania March 18th!

The Garageland Rock n Roll Extravaganza continues!


In the wake of the first ever Garageland tour, Mr. Collins is convinced…”This Works!” What started out as just another idea has become a reality… and a good one! Record Shops all over the country have embraced the idea of bringing cool vintage rock records to the gigs for a record fair/happy hour with a DJ. The response has been fantastic from day one. The fans love it and the vibe at the show is so much better with the DJs spinning the kind of music we all love to hear. As Mr. Collins puts it, “These shows are about community. It's the people and the sense of belonging to a community that sucks you in. We all love music; we love hearing it live and we love talking about records. People are looking for REAL interaction, not virtual interaction.  You can only get that at the record shop OR at a rock show at a club. It’s so exciting to see this idea in action…kids going through the record bins, seeing a lot of the discs I grew up with and hearing all the cool tunes the DJ’s are spinning. Now the show is really a show!” Pauls is proud to be performing with The Lifeforms!


Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

The Paul Collins Beat returns to Iowa as part of nationwide tour

CEDAR FALLS | Paul Collins has been touring long enough to pick up some patterns at live rock shows in clubs large and small.

Paul Collins

Submitted photo

“A lot of people seem to come to the conclusion that local bands don’t need money,” Collins said.

Another pattern is that people show up late, so the local opener holds the door, and then the touring headline act ends up playing much later.

On the Paul Collins Beat’s latest tour, the Garageland Tour, Collins plans to bring more people out earlier and help open opportunities (and maybe wallets) for small, DIY bands. Each show will start with a ticketed record fair and happy hour before the live music.

“We’re trying to make each show more of an event,” Collins said.

During the tour, each venue will host an area record store which will bring a selection of music similar to the style of rock the musicians will play, posters or shirts. The record fair and record swap happy hour before the show will be part of the ticketed event. Collins said he will launch that format Jan. 10 at a show with Waterloo power pop trio Twins at Octopus College Hill in Cedar Falls.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said David Diebler, Octopus owner. “Record swaps are so much fun.”

“This is grass-roots rock and roll,” Collins said, adding it will connect bands and small labels with record stores and venues with bands from across the country.

Record stores across the country including Burger Records in Los Angeles and Antone’s Record Shop in Austin, Texas have gotten behind the plan. It will not only help small bands get their music into markets across the country, but will likely bring a strong, paying crowd to support the local bands and clubs.

“The clubs depend on local support to have a good night,” he said.

On the other hand, it’s the small clubs that offer genuine music experiences, he added.

“You can’t get that in-your-face rock-and-roll experience except in these clubs,” Collins said. “You should be honored to put your $10 down for that and be grateful.”

Garageland Presents!

Paul Collins Beat & The Rich Hands!



Hello we are about to embark on the very first Garageland Tour, it is a new concept for touring in our little world and the idea is to try and connect all of us, bands, fans, record stores, clubs, promoters and small labels in an attempt to make the touring experience more successful and profitable for the bands who go out on the road. We want to start a network that all of the musicians, fans and professionals can tap into so we can help ourselves to get ahead.

This is a fine example of the old guard working with the new guard; Paul Collins has earned his stripes over these last 4 decades first with The Nerves, then with The Beat and now with his nonstop touring machine The Paul Collins Beat. Paul tours almost exclusively with up and coming young bands like The Rich Hands, bands that embody the new wave of The New Wave, so it all fits, it all has come full circle, so get yourself down to the show and see what all these fine people are doing to get you to shake your booty and smile, to jump up and down and…do we dare say it? Yes…have a good time!

To make the point even clearer, Paul’s new touring band is comprised of a new young band from Jacksonville Florida called The Lifeforms…

In what has become an amazing show of support Pollstar has been posting our concerts for quite some time now we are honored to receive the support of such an influential magazine!

Hot off the presses! Just in time for your Christmas Shopping The Nerves are back in Orange Vinyl!

Get them here:

Merry Christmas!

Nerves Cover Alive Release - Copy.jpg


Paul Collins – Feel The Noise (Alive Records)

Album Reviews | November 14th, 2014

Power-pop is one of the most contradictory forms in rock n’ roll. A genre designed to mine from the best parts of early Beatles and Beach Boy harmonies, Pete Townsend’s massive guitar jangle and sweetness and simplicity of The Everly Brothers, power-pop is so expertly enjoyable that it is rarely present in the world of mainstream music. On his last record, Paul Collins crowned himself The King Of Power Pop, a title he makes a strong argument for. He is most famous as drummer of The Nerves, the influential but short lived 70’s group best known for “Hanging On The Telephone” which would later become a radio staple when covered by Blondie on their humongous Parallel Lines record. He would later play in The Breakaways and The Beat (later re-named The Paul Collins Beat) and has been recording and playing shows fervently for the past 30 years. Feel The Noise is as pure to the form as any record in his Collins’ career. His voice has barely aged, executing Buddy Holly hiccups on “Baby I’m In Love With You” and pulling off a far-fetched on paper cover of The Four Tops’ “Reach Out (I’ll Be There.”) A hard working master of his craft, Collins rarely misses a step, singing love songs and songs about rock n’ roll, like the inspired title track. He may not be reinventing the wheel, but he is a master of his craft, of which he has few peers.– Jamie Frey


The New Beat Shirts are here! $25 postage included anywhere in the USA, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Black or White! Pay Pal 

This just in from our London Office! Shindig Digs Feel The Noise!

Paul Collins, Shindig!.png

Feel The Noise drops September 9 worldwide on Alive Record & Tapes

real cover.jpg

Pollstar Announces Feel The Noise Tour Dates!

pcb1 (2).jpg

Reviews for Feel The Noise are coming in!

“Grade-A rock & roll that will sound great on the AM radio in your mind. Feel the Noise suggests Paul Collins is in the midst of an unexpected career renaissance, and folks who love smart pop and rock & roll with hooks and heart have been waiting for this, even if they don't know it.” - Mark Deming ALL MUSIC

Collins (The Beat, the Nerves, The Breakaways) writes perfect rocking’ guitar pop like hipsters steal oxygen. It’s in his DNA; he has equals but there’s nobody better. A good proportion of these songs would be mainstream hits in a more enlightened and less disposable time. by The Barman


Its Festival mania for The PCB!
Hot off the presses! Paul Collins Beat to perform at CMJ Fest NYC @ Niagara Oct 23rd Headline slot!
Paul Collins Beat set to open Goner Fest Memphis September 25th!


PCB set to perform at Fest in Gainsville, FL November 1!


Feel The Noise Tour Dates Coming soon!

New Record “Feel The Noise” out September 9th on Alive Records!


All Across The USA Tour 2014!

This is a big step up for us, it marks the first time we have tackled the entire country on a DIY tour. We want to thank in advance all the fans, all the clubs and all the bands that are going to help us along the way. Support Live Rock N Roll!

PaulCollins2014Updated-page-001 (2).jpg

Pollstar releases China Diary!


When you plan your very first trip to China you imagine all kinds of things. People who have visited the country tell you even more things.  Plus, if you go online to do a little research you’ll get even more information. But none of it prepared me for my tour of the country.

Please go to this link for the whole diary:

The Bell House brings Shoes to New York, Paul Collins Beat set as opener!


On the Road to China Interview!

1533925_425906047512773_286119074_n (2) - Copy.jpg

Feature in Rock & Folk Magazine France March 2014

Thank you Pollstar for all your support!

Paul Collins Beat Goes To China

03:31 PM Monday 2/3/140 |  0 |

Paul Collins takes his DIY attitude to China where his Beat will play a series of shows in different towns beginning in early March

In January Collins gave Pollstar a heads up on his China plans during an interview focusing on how he applies his do-it-yourself methods to touring.  For Collins, playing the small towns is as important as his big city gigs.

“We’re going to take a bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing and play all these little towns where they don’t even know what rock ’n’ roll is,” Collins told Pollstar. “It’s going to be through the roof.”

Collins’ tour of China actually begins near Shanghai in the community of Songjiang.  Stops along the way include Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei and Qingdao before wrapping in Beijing.  Here’s the schedule:

March 6 – Songjiang, Du Yin Jia (Independent Music House)

March 7 – Suzhou, Tunnel Bar

March 8 – Shanghai, Yuyintang

March 9 – Kunshan, Whales Bar

March 11 – Nanjing, Castle Bar

March 12 – Wuhan, Vox

March 13 – Hefei, On The Way Bar

March 14 – Qingdao, Downtown Bar

March 15 – Beijing, Yogong Yishan

Collins plans to supply Pollstar with a tour diary and photos of China once his journey begins.  Click here for the website and here for his January interview.


Paul Collins Beat & Parasite Diet Go On Tour!

Hot off the presses from Pollstar! Read all about it!

Once again the spirit of DIY Rock n Roll will take to the high roads and blitzkrieg its way around the US of A! Parasite Diet, an up and coming Punk Pop band out of Nashville will team up with the Paul Collins Beat self-proclaimed King of Power Pop to ply their brand of guitar driven rock n roll on unsuspecting kids anywhere they can. The festivities will begin in Appleton, WI at The Crunchy Frog the perfect place for these two bands to start their odyssey that will snake its way down through the middle of the country and eventually wind up in the crown jewel of The South…New Orleans. Make no mistake about it rock n roll is alive and well and thriving in the clubs in towns all across America, yeah it may be on the outside of the limelight, you won’t hear about it Rolling Stone, but who reads Rolling Stone anymore? Tour after tour Paul Collins and his Beat are undaunted in their belief that rock n roll can still be fun, affordable and loud! What started out as a lark some five years ago when he hit the road with Gentlemen Jesse (ATL) as his opener and backup band, has turned into a way of life. Hundreds of shows later, done with countless new and up and coming bands from all parts of America they show no signs of stopping. Sure this is nothing new and bands are criss-crossing the country right now as we speak, what makes this important is the style of music that is being expunged here…Power Pop, rock n roll at its most melodic point, songs, harmonies and an uplifting message that says lets have some fun, let’s try to kiss some girls and let’s dance! This is the kind of music young kids can dream about, soaring melodies that lift you up out of your seat and take you on a ride into outer space.

Yeah it’s no big deal really, songs about work, love and travel the stuff that has moved people for generations, but if you take a chance and check out a show and see the crowd movin and a grooving, dancing and smiling, bouncing up and down in time to the music, then you will have a whole different attitude about what it is that is happening, you will see that maybe it’s no big deal but it is damn good!

Writers, editors, DJ’s and programmer’s we need your help in getting the word out to the people in your town who will dig this, and they are out there, this we know to be true, all it takes is the spark to get them going, in the end all we want to do is give them a good time.

In these times we live in, where hardly anyone does anything by hand anymore, we are out there, using our god given talents, no machines involved outside of an automobile to bring our music to the people just like it was in the beginning.

There is whole new scene out there brewing underground, what was once old has now become new again, this is the perfect pairing, Paul Collins cut his teeth in The Nerves & The Beat legendary groups from a bye gone era and Parasite Diet, a new young band that carries the torch for the next generation….all for less than 10 bucks…you can’t beat that with a stick!

Once again we are pleased to announce that Pollstar the leading magazine in the concert industry is supporting us with news flashes in their pages!


January 2014

Tues 7  Milwaukee, WI Bremen Cafe

Wed 8   Green Bay, WI  Crunchy Frog w/Norb and the Onions

Thurs 9  Rockford, IL Mary’s Place

Fri 10  Indianapolis, IN Melody Inn w/The Inspectors

Sat 11 Carbondale, IL Hangar 9 w/the Copyrights

Sun 12 Evansville, IN PG w/Be My Doppelganger

Monday 13 Nashville, TN Basement

Tuesday 14th Murray, KY Terrapin Station w/ Barbariettes

Wed 15 Memphis, TN Hi Tone Cafe w/Capgun & Born Frustrated

Thurs 16 Atlanta, GA The Earl w/Dinos Boys & Vito Romeo

Fri 17 Murfreesboro, TN Black Hole (house concert) w/Dark Horse

Sat 18 Huntsville, AL Coppertop Bar and Grille w/Raidy & The Erasers

Sunday 19 Athens, GA The HiLo w/The Arcs & The VG Minus

Monday 20 Pensacola, FLA Sluggo’s

Tuesday 21 New Orleans, LA Siberia w/Jack of Heart (France), Bipolaroid & Loose Diamonds



14/11 THU - Edone' - Bergamo (IT) (PCB only)

15/11 FRI - United Club - Torino (IT)

16/11 SAT - Mistral Palace - Valence (F)

17/11 SUN - L'Ubu - Perpignan (F)

18/11 MON - Mondo Bizzarro - Rennes (F)

19/11 TUE - Le 3 Pièces Muzik Club - Rouen (F)

20/11 WED - La Mecanique Ondulatoire - Paris (F)

21/11 THU - Sonic Ballroom - Koln (DE)

22/11 FRI - Austerclub - Berlin (DE)

23/11 SAT - Bounty - Thiene, (IT)

24/11 SUN - PMK - Innsbruck (A)

Spanish Shows just PCB!

27/11 WED – Estudio 27 - Burgos (SP)

28/11 THUR – Los Picos - Lierganes (SP)

29/11 FRI – Centro Niemeyer - Aviles (SP)

30/11 SAT - El Sol - Madrid (SP)


Power Pop for Punk People Tour 2013

The Paul Collins Beat and The Maxies hit the road!

We are so proud to be listed in Pollstar, the leading source of information in the concert business!


The Paul Collins Beat and The Maxies hit the road!

Truth is stranger than fiction and from small beginning come great things….last May The PCB played VHLS, a DIY space in Pomona California, it was a Sunday night and no one knew what would happen…as luck would have it The Maxies were also on the bill, from the moment Maximum lead singer hit the stage with his band of crazies we knew it could be a match made in heaven! After the show the two bands bonded and both Maximum & Paul agreed that a tour was the only solution to their song “My band is better than your Band” Once again the DIY ethic has brought together people in their pursuit of happiness! On this 5,000 mile tour the two bands will be joined by a myriad of bands from all over the Southwest, Northwest & West Coast’s to bring low dough shows to the people. The spirit of cooperation makes all things possible, in these times of economic difficulties we are joining forces and resources to go out there and take our music to the people. Our aim is to get everybody who comes to the shows to have a good time without breaking their banks!

Below you will see the tour dates along with the bands who will be joining us. The rest is up to you, come out and have a good time with us! We are happy to report that there will be a number of all ages shows on this tour! We are also proud to announce that to help celebrate this tour Radius Records has released a 4 song single featuring 2 songs from each band…all proceeds will go to help finance the tour….Gas money!

Keep on rocking!

October 2nd  The Void,  San Diego, CA w/International Dipshit & Poontang Clam

October 3rd The Dial, Murrieta, CA w/ Ready Steady Go & Too Much Beer & Welcome Back Carnitas

October 4th The Wheelhouse, Hemet, CA w/ The Walking Toxins (Maxies at Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room)

October 5th The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV w/ The Mapes & The Pluralses

October 6th The Rhythm Room, Phoenix, AZ w/ Daisy Face & The Breakup Society

October 7th The Train Yard, Las Cruces, NM w/ Kepi & Miss Chain and the Broken Heels

October 8th Seventh Circle Music Collective, Denver, CO w/ Blackdots & The Shaloms & Benjamin Kellogg

October 9th Buddah Bob’s Bar at the Sands, Rock Springs, WY w/ Shocktroopers

October 10th The Shred Shed, Salt Lake City, UT

October 11th The Shredder, Boise, ID w/Shivering Denizens & Orphelia

October 12th  Monk’s, Missoula, MT

October 13th The HOP!, Spokane, WA

October 14th El Corazon, Seattle, WA w/Success & The Waywards

October 15th Chinese Gardens, Longview, WA

October 16th Katie O’Briens, Portland, OR

October 17th The Press Club, Sacramento, CA

October 18th 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, Oakland, CA w/Jabber

October 19th The Redwood Bar, Los Angeles, CA w/So Social La Drugz

October 20th 13th Frame Lounge (La Habra Bowl), La Habra, CA

Split Single!

          Tour shirt!






In their never ending quest to bring Power Pop to the masses, The Paul Collins Beat will hit the road in yet another self-produced tour of the Midwest. “I like to think of us as the Johnny Appleseed’s of rock n roll.” says Collins from his headquarters in New York City.

This tour is a bit more ambitious than previous outings as it will rack up some 5,000
miles crisscrossing the Midwest. In what has become their motto all shows will include like-minded local young bands that share their enthusiasm for the ever growing genre of Power Pop. Today’s Power Pop bands include everything from left, right and center, some bands have a more garage rock feel and some are more punk pop, but they all have the love of guitar based rock n roll at their core. Thanks to the internet power pop has been able to attract a larger fan base as these stylistically different bands come together in their appreciation for a good pop song, bringing their fans along with them.

Operating completely outside of the mainstream music world The PCB has established a
network of clubs and bands nationwide that share the DIY ethic of touring, the success of which depends on grassroots promotion via Facebook and sympathetic press & radio that support this alternative style to getting out on the road and avoiding the astronomical costs of touring. In a growing network of bands and fans it has become possible to do the impossible; tour nationwide by cutting costs down to a minimum, sharing gear, staying with friends and cramming into hotel rooms when possible…all in the effort to play a style of music that has been bubbling under for some 20 years now.

“We are proud that we can do this and still keep the ticket prices to $10 and under, we
play music for the people and we want them to be able to enjoy it without having to go broke!”

We are proud to add Dubuque and Cedar Falls to our list of cities that support The Beat Army!

We need your support to get the word out to the fans in your area!

The Beat Army 


4 Rockford, IL Mary’s Place w/Michael Whyte & The Sunset Movies & Calico Flamingos

5 Columbus, OH Ace of Cups w/The Girls & TKLS

6 Indianapolis, IN Melody Inn w/Brothers Gross & Melismatics from Minneapolis

7 Peoria, IL Brass Rail w/Black Roses

8 Dubuque, IA The Lift w/Twins

9 Bloomington, IN Bishops w/Purple 7 & Triptides

10 Chicago, IL Ultra Lounge w/The Stranger & My Blue Valentine

11 Cincinnati, OH The Comet w/Pretty Pretty

12 Grand Rapids, MI Tip Top w/The Campanellis

13 Kalamazoo, MI 411 Club w/Black Roses

14 Cleveland, OH Happy Dog w/Rainy Day Saints & Black Roses

15 Pittsburgh, PA Howler´s Coyote Cafe w/Meeting of Important People & Neighbours

16 St Louis, MO Off Broadway w/TBA

18 Kansas City, MO Record Bar w/Dead Girls & Rev Gusto

19 Cedar Falls, IA The Octopus Bar w/Twins

20 St Paul, MN Turf Club w/COZY & Travis Ramin Band

21 Fargo, MN The Aquarium w/The Statmods & Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band

poster by


Summer Show in Pollensa, Mallorca!

The Paul Collins Beat to perform at the opening ceremonies of La Patrona! July 30!


Cafe Nine New Haven June 21 w 509ers & The Radiation

Maxwells Hoboken June 22 w Swingin Neckbreakers, Bamboo Kids & Insomniacs!


May 2 Til Two Club, San Diego w/ The Widows

May 3 Redwood Bar LA w/The After Hours & The Cry

May 4 Riverside Private Party open to public!

May 5 Studio City Private Party

May 6 Burger Records In Store Fullerton

May 6 Evening show at Continental Room Fullerton w/87’s. Bee’s Knees & The Cry

May 7 Pomona VLHS DIY Show w/Images, The Maxies & tba

May 8 San Jose The Blank Club

May 9 OFF

May 10 San Francisco Thee Parkside w/Courtney & The Crushers & The Cry

May 11 Sacramento Bows and Arrows Collective w/English Singles

May 12 OFF

May 13 OFF

May 14 Chico OFF

May 15 Chico Private Party

May 16 Redding OFF

May 17 Portland East End Club w/Blue Skies for Black Hearts & The Cry

May 18 Seattle The Comet w/Cute Lepers, Loud Eyes & Big Eyes


So happy to see this old poster surface on the web, it was for the very first punk rock show in Cincinnati!

So excited to be able to present all these fine bands! Come on out and enjoy the music! Feb 1 & 2 Cake Shop NYC get your tickets here:

King of Power Pop tours the Midwest Feb 6-16 first tour of 2013!

The Paul Collins Beat gears up to tour the Midwest as their first tour of 2013!

After doing over 80 shows last year under the banner of The Beat Army, they continue to blaze a trail all across these United States, Canada, Europe, and as far away as Australia! DIY is the order of the day here! The PCB ban together with up and coming power pop, punk pop, garage rock bands from all over to put on shows at local venues far and wide, with low dough ticket prices. In these hard economic times they have found a formula that works! Join forces, share gear and transportation and the show can go on!

“I love working with all these new bands…” says Paul Collins, “They are the future of rock n roll and it is very inspiring to me to work with them…aside from that it keeps me on my toes and it continues to remind of what is the most important part of why we do this…to have fun!”

Come out to the show, meet the bands and see how we do it here in our world of rock n roll!

We are proud to announce that will be performing for the very first time in Rockford & Springfield , IL, Fargo, Iowa City & Des Moines!


Feb 6 Mary’s Place Rockford, IL w/The Sunset Movies

Feb 7 Township Bar Chicago, IL w/Little Boy Jr. & Blizzard Babies

Feb 8 Club Garibaldi Milwaukee, WI w/Trolley & The Sugar Stems

Feb 9 Hoogland Center for the Arts, Springfield, IL w/The Gilligans                           

Feb 10 The Mill Iowa City, IA w/The Good Habits & The Blendours

Feb 11 Gas Lamp Des Moines, IA w/The Good Habits & Twins

Feb 12 Turf Club Saint Paul, MN w/Pinsch & The Magnolias

Feb 13 The Aquarium Fargo, ND w/Les Dirty Frenchmen

Feb 14  Chadwick's Appleton, WI w/Rev. Norb & The Onions

Feb 15 411 Club Kalamazoo, MI w/ Nobody's Favorite & The Boss Mustangs

Feb 16 Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill Grand Rapids, MI w/ The Boss Mustangs

European Tour 2012!


29/11 THU - LO:FI - Milano (IT)

30/11 FRI - Slowclub - Freiburg (DE)

01/12 SAT - Sonic Ballroom - Koln (DE)

02/12 SUN - Tivoli - Utrecht (Le Guess Who Festival) (NE)

03/12 MON - Cortina Bob - Berlin (DE)

04/12 TUE - Molotow - Hamburg (DE)

05/12 WED - Folk & Rock - Malmo (SWE)

06/12 THU - TBC - Oslo

07/12 FRI - Club Slacker - Goteborg (SWE)

08/12 SAT - Tivoli - Moss (NO)

09/12 SUN - Southside - Stockholm (SWE)

13/12 THURS - Coruña - Mardi Grass (SP)

14/12 FRI -  Irun -  Cafe Teatro (SP)

15/12 SAT - Miranda del Ebro - La fabrica de Tornillos (SP)

16/12 SUN - Alcala de Henares - Egolive (Madrid)

Odds & Ends....

Listen...Revenge of the 80’s


One Chord Progression

Paul Collins: The TVD Interview

A beginners’ guide to the heyday of power-pop, 1972-1986,86527/1/


Once upon a time long, long ago, there were two groups of fellows who loved to play music, one group of gents resided over in Birmingham, England and they were grooving to a sound that was capturing the bodies and souls of all their mates, unbeknownst to them far away across the ocean in a town called Los Angeles another group of fellows were also grooving to a sound all their own, it was very different but it too was capturing the bodies and souls of the kids in their neighborhood, well as chance would have it, both of these lads hit on the same name for their groups at precisely the same time! Not to worry because even though both of these groups were new and fresh they were tapping to a different BEAT! Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great pleasure that we announce the first ever tour of two of the groundbreaking bands from the musical revolution of the late 70’s and early 80’s The English Beat with The Paul Collins Beat! Yes the Two Beats will now Beat as One….get out your dancing shoes and get ready to party! See you on the dance floor!                         


                                                         For the first time ever!

                                                 English Beat Paul Collins Beat Tour 2012

Oct 11 THUR– Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel

Oct 12 FRI– Falls Church, VA  – The State Theatre

Oct 13 SAT– Natick, MA – The Natick Center of the Artists

Oct 14 SUN– Philly, PA – The World Café Live

Oct 16 TUE– NYC – BB Kings

Oct 18 THUR– Niagara Falls, NY – The Rapids Theatre

Oct 19 FRI– Toronto, Canada – The Phoenix

Oct 20 SAT– Detroit, MI – The Hard Rock Café

Oct 23 TUE– Evanston, IL – SPACE

Oct 24 WED– Pittsburgh, PA – The Hard Rock Café

Oct 26 FRI– Milwaukee, WI – The Turner Ballroom

Oct 27 SAT– Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights

Additional dates!

The band will play some extra shows on this tour on their own, we want to thank these clubs for accommodating our schedule...

Oct 22 MON– Grand Rapids, MI –The Pyramid Scheme w/Amoebas

Oct 25 THUR–Columbus, OH Ace of Cups w/The Girls

Oct 31–WED- Lafayette, IN –Black Sparrow Halloween!

Nov 1 THUR– Bloomington, IN –The Bishop w/Purple Seven

Nov 2 FRI–Atlanta, GA– The Earl w/Missing Monuments & Glory Fires

Nov  SAT 3– Chattanooga, TN JJ’s Bohemia w/Future Virgins


New Summer Tour Dates!

Mini Tour with The Electric Mess!

August 17  Boston @ The Precinct

August 18 Portland The Lobster Stomp!


Summer tours! Spain & Italy!


15/06 Madrid Gruta 77,

16/06 5º Andoaingo Rock Jaialdia w/Blasters, Nomads, Bob Long III & Pretty Things!


21/06 THU - Festa della Musica - Arco (TN), 22/06 FRI - Trouble Festival - Monza, 23/06 SAT - Jack the Ripper - Roncà (VR), 24/06 SUN - Ungawa Tiki Bar - Bergantino (RO), 26/06 TUE - Lio Bar - Brescia, 27/06 WED - Titty Twister - Villadossola (VB), 28/06 - Init Club - Roma, 29/06 FRI - Festival Beat - Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

30/06 SAT - Shake Club - La Spezia


Paul Collins Beat to perform at Generation Records NYC to celebrate Record Day!

This will be a full band performance with all the classic hits! Please join us!                              

Return Tour of Australia! May11th to May 19th 2012

Tickets available soon through Moshtix and Zombie Dog Entertainment

Fri 11th May Brisbane Hotel Hobart


Sat 12th of May The Tote Melbourne

+ Wolfy & The Bat Cubs

Sun 13th of May Caravan Club Melbourne

+ Wolfy & The Bat Cubs

Sat 19th of May Sandringham Hotel Sydney

+ Mick Medew (Screaming Tribesmen) + Richard Lane (The Stems)

+ Southern Preachers


New Release on Get Hip Records!  

PAUL COLLINS BEAT  "The Kids are the Same"

Label: Columbia-Get Hip

Catalog number:  ARC-36794 / ARC-36794CD

Release Date: 2/14/2012


“As easy to like as Baby Sitters' Breasts.” – CREEM Magazine, 1982


Now some 30 years later, those titties are getting ready to show themselves again! Paul Collins Beat's second album followed in the footsteps of his brilliant debut to rave reviews, an apathetic record company and a clueless public.  Despite featuring some of his greatest songs – "The Kids are the Same," "On The Highway," "Dreaming," "I Will Say No" – Columbia Records dropped the band as they toured relentlessly while "On The Highway" poured out of FM radio airwaves across the country and the newly launched MTV channel aired the videos for “The Kids Are The Same” and “On The Highway.”


As noted rock journalist of The Los Angeles Times Robert Hilburn put it back in the day: “One song however, contains much of the stuff FM rock radio stations adore. While somewhat atypical of Mr. Collins’ festive, compact style, “On The Highway” is a moody, extended track that has gotten more airplay around the country than anything on The Beat’s first album. Still it hasn’t been enough to make this album a hit.”


Finally the weight of the business crushed their spirit, the band faded away as corporate rock devoured everything in its path, and this gem of a record was relegated to cutout bins and relative obscurity for years. But wait! What’s that sound? THEY ARE BACK! Yes it is true kids!  After being banished to another planet, The Paul Collins Beat is back and better than ever, touring constantly in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan! We are very proud to present after some 32 years in the bargain basement bins….The Kids Are The Same! Now re-mastered and reissued for the first time on 180 gram vinyl, "The Kids are the Same" makes the perfect complement to The Beat "The Beat" (Sony-Get Hip, 2010).

The King of Powerpop rides again!

 ***Reissue features Bonus track “DOWN” not available on the original LP!


Check out The Burger Records Release of The Beat Live 1979!



Peter Case & Paul Collins Reunite For Nerves, Plimsouls and The Beat Tour

Peter Case & Paul Collins will reunite this spring for a North American tour where they will perform fan favorites from their joint and separate bands. Here is the official word with the details:

Prior to Peter Case forming The Plimsouls in '78, he was part of two other influential mid-to-late '70s bands with Paul Collins – The Nerves and The Breakaways (Paul would later go on to form his own highly-respected group, The Beat). Both Peter and Paul have enjoyed successful solo careers on record and on the road, but this spring they'll once again be reunited for a very special North American tour.

The two frontmen (along with bassist Timm Buechler and drummer Amos Pitsch) will be performing classic numbers by their bands, The Nerves and The Breakaways, as well as material by The Plimsouls and The Beat. For fans of energetic live performances, visceral rock & roll, and raucous, hook-laden songs that draw as much from the golden age of '60s pop as they do from punk, these shows should prove to be nothing short of nirvana.

March 01 Iron Road Studios, Vancouver BC, CAN

March 02 The Funhouse, Seattle WA

March 03 The Star Theatre, Portland OR

March 05 Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco CA

March 07 The Echo, Los Angeles CA

March 08 Bar Pink, San Diego CA

March 09 Pappy and Harriet's, Pioneertown TBA CA

March 11 Club Congress, Tucson AZ

March 13 Rhythm Room, Phoenix AZ

March 16 TBA SXSW Official Showcase, Austin TX

March 17 Alejandro Escovedo's Taco Party at Maria's Taco Express Austin TX mid-afternoon

March 17 Freddie Steady's 12th Annual Frontier A Go Go And Rock & Roll Hootenanny, Austin TX 5:30 PM

March 18 The Blue Door, Oklahoma City OK (acoustic duo)

March 19 The Record Bar, Kansas City MO

March 20 The Outland, Springfield MO

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